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It is challenging to choose a suitable partner among the many SEO services agencies available. Pentra SEO Agency’s competitive edge over our competitors is that we have a team of specialized experts together with proven track record that we are happy to show. Our mission is to provide cost-effective SEO services tailored for your business success to increase visibility, website traffic, conversions and revenue on the go.

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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The Why, How, and What?

    It all starts with a simple search which could be anything – the best aquarium store, or best speakers for home, or the best SEO services company. And the search results that appear on the top will probably convert the visitor into a customer, for a very long-time. Remember that it all started with a simple search! And that’s exactly why SEO is important.Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important for Your Business?

    Statistics say that more than 3 billion searches are done on Google every day. Amidst the competitive landscape, gaining visibility and driving traffic to your website is possible only through consistent SEO optimization. Sure paid ads are an option but down the lane, it’s SEO that’s going to help drive free traffic and conversions for your business.

    Partnering with one of the best SEO services agency like Pentra Consultants will help you meet your business goals and achieve digital success. We’ve got a team of experts who know what it takes to help businesses with SEO from the ground up and increase their traffic, leads, sales and pretty much anything. You name it. And we’ll get it done for you!

    How Does SEO Work?
    Search engines like Google have crawlers called spiders that gather information across the web to display relevant content to users. When a user searches for something on the web, the most relevant information from the index is fetched and displayed to the user in chronological order, delivering users useful and relevant information at the same time. Optimizing your website using the best SEO and digital marketing practices will help your website become more relevant to your niche searches and bring your website closer to the audience.
    What Is SEO?
    Search Engine Optimization, put simply, is the process of improving your website in order to increase the chances of appearing on search results (visibility) when people search for specific products or businesses using popular search engines like Google, Bing, etc.At Pentra SEO Agency, we use the best SEO practices to optimize your website for search results which will result in increased traffic, conversion and sales.
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    Grow Your Business With Professional SEO Services from a Top SEO Agency

    SEO is not an overnight process. It takes time, effort, consistent implementation of the best practices and monitoring to witness results. At Pentra SEO Agency, we’ve been doing this all day, every day for years now.

    We truly take efforts to understand the nature of your business, who your target audience is, what the market demands and finally, what exactly you need to achieve – increased traffic or new lead generation etc. We sit down and talk to you to understand your needs and only then proceed with the process. Knowing exactly what your business goals help us understand and come up with a tailored SEO strategy for your digital success.

    We use the latest tech and software for competitive analysis, keyword research and monitoring. We have an orchestrated method in place to measure progress. We get back to you with results – results that matter and the ones that make a significant impact on your business.

    All these make us one of the best SEO Services Agencies around. And the reason why we have over 200+ satisfied clients to date.

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    On-Page SEO Optimization That Works

    On-Page optimization means optimizing your website to increase its visibility for niche searches. It generally deals with Keyword Research, Site Optimization (Meta Tags, Meta Description, etc), Copywriting, Internal Linking and more. Put simply, On-page SEO optimization is like laying a solid foundation for your SEO process.

    At Pentra SEO Agency, we devise an on-page SEO strategy for your business by conducting an in-depth competitor analysis to understand what your competitors are doing – we analyze their approach, right from what kind of content they are putting out on the website to keywords used and interlinking strategies. We carry out the same for your top competitors, identify areas of improvement and come up with a robust, working on-page SEO strategy for your business.

    Off-Page SEO Optimization to Rank Better and Higher

    SEO is not all about On-page optimization alone. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes activities that need to be done to secure top positions on search results. Your visibility and rankings are also influenced by incoming links and outside presence.

    In order to improve your off-site presence, we start building links and redirect them to your website. These are called backlinks and influence your ranking to a great extent. We create quality resources like blogs, infographics and submit them on high-authority sites and create backlinks for your website. This helps improve your site’s ranking performance and eventually, you’ll witness improved rankings.

    Types of SEO. And the Right One for Your Business.

    We talk about SEO because we know it like the back of our hands. Not every business can witness digital success by using the same SEO strategy. It needs to be tailored by identifying the nature of the business and what the goals are. And that’s exactly what we do at Pentra Consultants. We understand the nature of your business, what your goals are and take a decisive approach.

    Here are the different types of SEO we offer at Pentra SEO Services Agency,

    On Page SEO

    On Page SEO

    Everything that needs to be done to make your website pages search engine friendly. On page SEO is one of the primary factors for ranking and we do it like a PRO for your website.

    Off Page SEO

    Off Page SEO

    Best Off Page SEO services to boost your website authority and drive more eyeballs to your website. With our best off page practices, we build brand awareness across platforms and drive new traffic.

    Local SEO

    Local SEO

    Best suited for localized businesses who want to improve their online visibility and drive traffic from a particular geographical area. This includes services like local search optimization, Google Business Profile Creation, localized content creation, etc.

    Technical SEO

    Technical SEO

    Services offered to help search engines crawl your website better and improve user experience. We take care of website speed, website migrations, image optimization and all the tech stuff here.

    Every package comes with standard SEO practices to make sure your website is both user-friendly and Google-friendly. Because we know what your business means to you and we work towards making it better in every possible aspect with the help of the best SEO services we offer!

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    Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us

    Our clients love us for who we are and what do for them. Here are a couple of words from our clients.

    Pentra is one of the best SEO agencies around. Partnering with Pentra SEO Agency helped us witness significant improvements in our organic search, unique visitors and more. We personally recommend Pentra SEO agency to anyone who is looking forward to improve their online presence.

    Arthur Ang

    Arthur Ang

    Managing Consultant, Tetra Consultants linkedin

    Pentra SEO Agency gave us everything we needed - right from improved organic traffic to a better online presence, we were able to witness significant results! Great people with expert knowledge!

     Wayne Silviia

    Wayne Silviia

    Director, My Business Digest

    We recently partnered with Pentra SEO Agency for organic improvement and SEO services for our website and I must say, the results are beyond what we expected. I thank Pentra SEO Agency for the great work and would personally recommend them for anyone looking for SEO-related services.



    Chief Marketing Officer, Spacmine

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is important to maintain a healthy keyword density percentage on your pages to improve the relevancy factor. Ideally, a keyword density of 1% - 3% works for most of the pages including blogs and landing page content.

    Making your website layouts search-engine friendly is important for ranking and visibility. Some of the most common SEO practices for page layouts are ensuring mobile-friendliness, lower page loading speeds, including CTA buttons, optimized headlines and more.

    Off Page SEO Link Building is the process of acquiring backlinks for your website from various resources. This helps improve your domain authority and referral traffic numbers.

    High quality content is the content that’s well-optimized to make it SEO-friendly. This includes practices like including primary and secondary keywords in H1, H2 and H3, using LSI and long-tail keywords within the content, making the content more scannable to improve the readability factor, using ALT tags with keywords for images and more.

    Though social media does not directly play a part in SEO, the links you share across different platforms help increase brand exposure to a great extent. They help with extensive content distribution, improve the lifespan of your posts, improve organic traffic and influence search engine optimization.

    Off-Site SEO is mainly the actions performed outside your website that influence your SEO rankings. They are mainly content distribution and link submission across various sites to acquire more backlinks and referral traffic for your website.

    Link building is one of the most important parts of SEO. The more backlinks you have for your website, the better the domain authority and referral traffic is going to be. This helps with the visibility and ranking factor to a great extent.

    Google is all about showing relevant search results to users today. If you’re looking forward to ranking your content and appearing on search results, keyword research is a crucial factor. Because the more relevant your content is in the eyes of Google, the better are chances for you to appear on search results.

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