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Top 20 Best Content Marketing Examples of 2024

Content marketing has become one of the most effective marketing strategies in the digital world. It has enabled businesses to successfully reach their target audiences and drive sales with creative and engaging content. With so many content marketing examples out there, it is hard to know which ones are the best. 

Starting with content marketing takes a lot of efforts, it includes ideation, creation and publication, in case your internal bandwidth is low you can hire content writing services to achieve business goals through content marketing.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 best content marketing examples of 2023. From video marketing to influencer campaigns, these are the content marketing campaigns that have achieved success. Keep reading to find out which ones made the cut.

Here are the best examples of outstanding content marketing



Airbnb has built an incredibly successful content marketing strategy that has become a household name in the travel industry. Airbnb’s content marketing approach is focused on giving potential customers a better understanding of what Airbnb is and how it can benefit them. Through their blog, social media channels, and original series, they showcase their brand values, share stories from hosts and guests, and provide tips for travelers.

The company’s blog is filled with inspiring stories and stunning visuals that capture any traveler’s attention. Their social media presence is as powerful as their blog; they use visuals to captivate their audience and encourage users to engage with the brand.

In addition to these content outlets, Airbnb has created a documentary-style original series called “Love Stories.” The series follows couples worldwide who have found love through the Airbnb platform. This creative approach to storytelling is an example of how the company can engage its audience on a more personal level.

Their mix of inspiring stories, beautiful visuals, and engaging original series will surely keep people coming back for more.



Apple is one of the world’s most recognizable and beloved brands, and they’ve been successfully leveraging content marketing since the introduction of the iPod in 2001. Apple has built its reputation on offering quality products that are easy to use and understand, which translates into its content marketing strategy. Apple content marketing focuses on delivering helpful information and resources to help users get the most out of their devices and services.

One example of successful content marketing from Apple is the “How To” section on their website. This section is filled with helpful tutorials, tips, and tricks that make using Apple products easier and more enjoyable.


Another example is the “Today at Apple” series, where Apple employees demonstrate how to use various features on their devices. They also offer a wide range of workshops and classes designed to teach users about different aspects of their products.

In addition to providing helpful tutorials and classes, Apple has leveraged content marketing by engaging with influencers.



Dove is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, and they are known for its body-positive campaigns and commitment to self-love. In 2019, Dove launched a campaign called “Real Beauty Should be Celebrated Everywhere” to celebrate beauty in all its forms by creating a series of illustrations featuring different body shapes and sizes.

This campaign sought to redefine the societal standard of beauty by featuring women of all ages, sizes, races, and backgrounds. The campaign was incredibly successful, resulting in increased brand awareness and recognition.

Since then, Dove has continued to create compelling content marketing campaigns that challenge traditional perceptions of beauty and promote body positivity. Their campaigns have included a multi-channel documentary series titled “The Selfie Talk,” which explored how technology has changed our perception of beauty, and an “I Believe in Real Beauty” print campaign showcased diverse female models with empowering stories.

By putting forth messages that embrace diversity and champion self-love, Dove has created an unmatched emotional connection with its audience.


Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become one of the world’s most popular and influential social media networks. With more than 1 billion users, Instagram is an ideal platform for content marketing, allowing companies to create visually stunning and engaging posts that have the potential to reach a massive audience. Content marketing on Instagram can take various forms, from video stories to product-centric carousels.

When it comes to content marketing on Instagram, one of the biggest success stories belongs to Apple. The tech giant has used its Instagram page to promote their products and services while also showcasing their brand values in inspiring posts. Apple’s content is often educational and entertaining, using visuals to draw the audience in and stories to keep them engaged.

Another great example of successful content marketing on Instagram comes from Google. The tech giant has used its Instagram account to promote its products and services and share inspiring stories worldwide.

From product launches to collaborations, Instagram has become integral to many brands’ content marketing strategies. As the platform continues to evolve, so do the opportunities for businesses to engage with their followers and create content that resonates.


Google is one of the most recognizable brands in the world and, as such, has become a leader in content marketing. They focus on creating educational and engaging content for users that demonstrates their wide range of products and services. For example, Google regularly produces helpful articles, videos, and interactive experiences on digital marketing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other tech-related trends. Additionally, Google hosts various events annually to engage users and industry professionals.

One of Google’s more successful content marketing efforts was the “Think with Google” campaign. This campaign was created to help businesses better understand how digital marketing works and provide insight into search engine optimization’s value (SEO). The campaign ran for three years and consisted of over 300 educational articles and videos on SEO, video content, website optimization, mobile marketing, and more.

Overall, Google has proven itself as a leader in content marketing by providing helpful and informative content to its audience. Google has successfully established itself as a go-to source for industry insights through its various initiatives.


Regarding content marketing, LinkedIn is one of the top contenders. Their content strategy focuses on providing helpful and engaging material to their users to increase brand loyalty and customer engagement. From a content perspective, this means creating content that educates, informs, and engages its target audience. They do this by curating and promoting content from industry experts, sharing helpful advice, highlighting successful case studies, and more.

The company also offers a range of valuable content options for those looking to build their professional network. For example, they offer job search and career advice tools and courses and tutorials to help professionals improve their job prospects. LinkedIn also regularly shares infographics and videos about industry trends and best practices for job seekers.

LinkedIn’s content strategy also revolves around creating value for its users. It means ensuring that their content is relevant, timely, and helpful. As such, the company has invested heavily in content curation, personalization, and automation technologies to ensure its content is both targeted and highly effective.

LinkedIn’s content strategy has been incredibly successful in helping the company grow into one of the world’s most prominent business-oriented social media platforms.


Since its launch in 1938, Samsung has been a global leader in the tech and electronics industry. The brand is widely known for its cutting-edge innovations and products, such as smartphones, TVs, and appliances.

When it comes to content marketing, Samsung has had a longstanding commitment to creating engaging, entertaining, and informative content. In 2023, the company has continued to set the bar for content marketing campaigns that use powerful visuals, data-driven storytelling, and interactive elements.

Samsung’s most popular content campaigns of 2023 included its partnership with the TV show The Big Bang Theory, the launch of its virtual reality headset Gear VR launch, and its “Life Unstoppable” campaign, which aimed to demonstrate how its products could make everyday tasks easier.

To promote The Big Bang Theory partnership, Samsung created an interactive web experience featuring cast members from the show. The company also released several videos and social media posts incorporating its products into the show’s storylines.

Meanwhile, Samsung used various tactics to promote its Gear VR headset. It included posting tutorial videos and product demos on YouTube, creating custom online consumer experiences, and launching an augmented reality game to help drive awareness.

Finally, Samsung developed the Life Unstoppable campaign to showcase how its products could make daily tasks easier. The campaign featured inspiring stories from real people whose lives have been transformed by Samsung products.

Red Bull

Red Bull is a classic example of successful content marketing. The brand has a strong presence online, with over 43 million followers on their Instagram account and a wide range of content pieces published across its website and social media channels.

Their content pieces span from entertainment to education, ranging from the well-known Red Bull Stratos jump to the videos on their YouTube channel featuring extreme sports, interviews with top athletes, and more. The company also hosts events worldwide, such as the Red Bull Music Festival in Tokyo, which they actively promote on their social media channels.

They have even launched their streaming service, Red Bull TV, which features programming such as documentaries, concerts, and behind-the-scenes footage of athletes. They also produce podcasts and ebooks that dive deep into different topics.


Snickers has become a go-to example of a successful content marketing campaign. The candy bar brand began its content marketing push with the “You’reNot You When You’re Hungry” campaign back in 2010, and it has been a hit ever since.

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The campaign was centered around the idea that when people are hungry, they become grumpy, impatient, and cranky. To remedy this, Snickers created a series of humorous ads featuring celebrities such as Betty White and Joe Pesci, who were depicted as becoming happier after eating a Snickers bar.

These ads were both funny and relatable, which helped them to go viral and become instantly recognizable. This recognition translated into increased sales for Snickers, with the brand continuing to invest in content marketing in the years since.

Snickers has also used content marketing to target younger audiences by partnering with influencers. The brand has worked with YouTube stars like the Dolan Twins and Liza Koshy, who have created entertaining videos featuring Snickers products. These influencer collaborations have helped Snickers to reach a new demographic and keep its content relevant in an ever-changing landscape.


Nike has become a household name in the world of content marketing. Their campaigns focus on inspiring people to do more, such as their popular “Just Do It” campaign. Their ability to reach their target audience with humor and emotion is what sets Nike apart.

Their “Dream Crazy” campaign, for example, highlighted the stories of everyday athletes who are achieving extraordinary things. Nike used this campaign to spread the message that anyone can achieve great things, no matter how big or small. The campaign resonated with many audiences due to its emotional appeal while also being humorous and lighthearted.

Nike also utilizes influencer marketing, often partnering with professional athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James, and Serena Williams. It helps them reach a large and engaged audience and ensures that their brand is seen as aspirational and cool.


McDonald’s, the iconic fast-food giant, has had one of the most recognized content marketing campaigns in recent years. The company produces short films and ads featuring popular characters to engage customers and capture their attention.

McDonald’s also features interactive content to draw in customers, such as polls and surveys, which allow them to customize their orders and offer feedback. In addition, they host contests and giveaways, like their Monopoly sweepstakes and Free Fries Fridays, to promote their brand. This year, McDonald’s put a twist on their classic Happy Meal by introducing a “Happy Meal Box” filled with exclusive toys, digital content, and activities.

Customers can collect all six boxes from participating locations and use them to explore six new virtual worlds online. With this clever strategy, McDonald’s has earned millions of views for their content and keeps customers returning for more.


Starbucks has always been a leader in content marketing, and its presence in 2023 is no different. With Starbucks’s large presence in social media, they have been able to create engaging content that keeps their customers coming back for more.

Starbucks has used content marketing to create an immersive experience for its customers. They have produced videos and images to show off the coffee experience and stories of their baristas and the coffee-making process. Starbucks has also used influencers to promote its online and offline products, resulting in increased brand awareness and loyalty.

One example of Starbucks’s content marketing strategy is the #StarbucksSummertime series. This series was created to celebrate the summer season and featured recipes, stories, and tips for creating a summertime coffee.

Starbucks has also used its content to drive home the message of sustainability. The company recently released a campaign focused on reducing single-use plastic and encouraging customers to bring their mugs when they visit stores. This campaign has been successful in helping to raise awareness of the environmental impact of single-use plastics while also helping Starbucks to showcase its commitment to sustainability.


T-Mobile has become one of the leading mobile network providers in the US by consistently delivering high-quality products and amazing customer service. But T-Mobile’s content marketing strategy stands out from the crowd.

The brand launched its Un-carrier initiative in 2013, which provides customers with more flexibility than traditional wireless carriers. To spread the word about their unique Un-carrier initiative, T-Mobile leveraged digital video content, online articles, and social media campaigns.

This campaign was so successful that it attracted new customers, increased revenue and profits, and changed the entire industry by forcing other carriers to offer similar plans.

In addition to their success with the Un-carrier initiative, T-Mobile also produces educational videos, webinars, and other digital content that helps their customers learn more about their products and services.

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has long been one of the leading media companies in the world, and its content marketing efforts certainly reflect that. In 2022, they launched a successful campaign using influencers to promote their movie releases.

They used popular YouTube stars to give sneak peeks at upcoming films and host contests for fans. The campaign was an incredible success, driving huge increases in engagement and sales. Warner Bros. also took advantage of emerging technologies, such as augmented reality, to create unique experiences for fans of their movies.

By combining influencers with technology, Warner Bros. created an unforgettable experience for fans and drove up sales.


Zara is a fashion retail company well-known for its content marketing efforts. Their approach is based on creating high-quality visuals and videos representing their brand. To do this, they produce campaigns designed to appeal to a wide range of audiences by featuring models from different backgrounds in different scenarios.

For example, the “Join Life” campaign featured models living different lifestyles while wearing Zara’s products. This type of content not only tells the brand’s story but also engages with customers emotionally. The campaign successfully created engagement, with over 21 million views on YouTube and more than 600 thousand likes and comments on Instagram.

Zara also uses influencers to help spread the word about their brand. They have created partnerships with various fashion influencers to showcase their products in unique and interesting ways. It has allowed them to reach new audiences and gain more followers on social media.

Zara’s content marketing strategy is both innovative and effective.

Under Armour

Under Armour has long been a leader in sports apparel and equipment. Recently, the company has been expanding its reach into content marketing.

Under Armour has created several successful content marketing campaigns, including the “Rule Yourself” campaign featuring Olympian Michael Phelps. The company has also been active in sponsoring several fitness-related events and challenges.

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Under Armour’s content marketing efforts have been very successful in helping the company to connect with its target audience. The company’s focus on providing quality content relevant to its customers has helped it build a strong online presence.


The Xbox is a gaming console that Microsoft first introduced in 2001. Since its inception, the Xbox has become a popular gaming console for gamers worldwide. In addition to being a popular gaming console, the Xbox has become a content marketing example for other businesses.

The Xbox has a built-in content marketing system that allows businesses to promote their products and services on the console. For example, businesses can create ads that appear on the home screen of the Xbox when the console is turned on. These ads can promote special offers, new products, or services that the business offers.

By creating ads that appear on the home screen of the Xbox, businesses can ensure that a large number of people see their products and services.


Again, Toyota is a great example of a company that has used content marketing to its advantage. The company has created some blogs, social media accounts, and other online resources that provide valuable information to consumers.

Through its content, Toyota has built a strong relationship with its customers. The company understands that its customers are looking for information to help them make informed decisions about their purchases. As such, Toyota provides a wealth of resources that offer advice, tips, and guidance.

What makes Toyota’s content marketing so successful is the fact that it is always relevant and useful. The company regularly updates its blog and social media accounts with new content, ensuring its customers always have access to the latest information.


Volkswagen is a German automobile manufacturer that has been in business since 1937. The company has a long history of producing quality vehicles and has also been a leader in innovation and technology.

In recent years, Volkswagen has been using content marketing to connect with its customers and promote its brand. The company has created many compelling and informative videos that have been shared widely online.

Volkswagen’s content marketing efforts have been very successful, and the company is a great example of how effective this type of marketing can be. Check out Volkswagen’s work if you’re looking for inspiration for your content marketing strategy.


Content marketing has worked wonders for a lot of brands irrespective of the nature of business, weather it’s b2c, b2b or d2c. It has worked, and you can also leverage content marketing for your business to grow, establish a brand, and show thought leadership. Big brands such as Apple and Airbnb are also using content marketing to reach out to their audience, so why can’t you? Follow Pentra blogs to learn more about content marketing.


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