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Top 7 Ways to Boost your Social Media Presence

If your company is not utilizing social media to promote your business, you will probably not like what I am about to say.

“Social Media is a gold mine.”

Previously social media was all about having close contact with friends and family. But now times have changed.

Technology has changed consumer behavior. Products can now be searched and bought online by consumers without walking out of their homes. Most online shoppers who develop a positive opinion of the brand are more likely to buy more products in the future.

Gen Zers who consume content online daily use social media to follow their favorite brands, research, and compare products from different brands, and make purchasing decisions.

According to National Merchants Association’s survey, social media platforms play an increasingly large role in influencing shopping and buying behavior.

Social media influence 80% of Gen Zs and 74% of Millennials to make purchases.

Observing this consumer behavior, most business owners have started using social media that can help spread the word about their products online.

Since then, social media marketing has become part and parcel of every business’s marketing efforts.

These numbers are to help you understand what you are missing.

While some business owners do not use social media altogether, others gain huge followers but still fail to convert. Most businesses do not try to understand how these platforms work to boost social media presence.

They often get mixed with the larger crowd and practically become invisible to their target audience.

Keeping track of your KPIs, like clicks, web traffic, and impressions can help you strategize for better reach. If you are serious about building your brand on social media then consider using social media services.

So, if you start to put your efforts into boosting your brand’s social media presence, not only will you find the right set audience, but your content will start converting.

Hence, to help you understand how you can establish your brand visibility and drive sales organically, here is a list of 7 ways to boost your social media presence.

Seven ways to boost Social Media Presence

Know your audience

Identify the audience that can help your business move to the next level. Create your company buyer’s persona by researching previous customer behavior, demographics, and pain points.

Knowing what age category they come under and their job titles can help you understand if your product is affordable to them.

Understanding the characteristics of your buyer’s persona will play a significant role in producing quality and tailored content that caters to their needs.

Optimize your social media profiles

Enhancing your social media profiles is the most crucial steps to getting instant reach on social media.

Mentioning your brand name, information regarding your business, and where they can find your products can help your old and new customers identify you on social media.

Utilize mobile landing pages like Linktree to add multiple links that direct to your company page, product pages, email subscriptions, and other social media profiles.

Tracking the analytics of these landing pages, like clicks, and impressions, can help you measure your engagement rate.

Set up brand hashtags that represent your company. These can be your company name, product name, and tagline. You can also leverage using hashtags in your campaigns to increase brand awareness with the help of user-generated content.

Apple launches the #shotoniphone campaign every year and encourages its followers and iPhone users to post photo shots from their apple phones on social media platforms. Almost 15 million users participated in these campaigns by using the campaign hashtag.

It proves that hashtags are important to boost your social media presence.

Serve, don’t sell

Although you intend to sell your products, refrain from going all sales on social media. It will make your followers uncomfortable and stop engaging with you.

Instead of bragging about your business and products, focus on educating your followers about what you do and how they can benefit from your products.

Let them know that you are customer-centric.

Offer freebies like how-to guides or conduct webinars for your followers to have a deeper understanding of your business’s core values. Set up a Q/A round to answer all the questions they had in mind.

Maintain Consistency

Social media success doesn’t happen overnight.

Create content almost every day on social channels your target audience spends their time on. Whenever they open one of these channels, your content will always appear on their feed, keeping you at the top of their mind.

Leverage automation tools that will reduce the amount of time you spend on social media. Using these tools, develop a strategy and schedule your monthly posts on different platforms. However, always engage with your audience in person.

Be Transparent

It is where you show your brand’s voice and tone. Nowadays, people are not looking for products. They are looking for stories behind the products – a human connection.

Make them realize that there’s an actual person behind your business. Tell them why you started your business. Post the behind-the-scenes of your company and employees. Being transparent can increase credibility with your customers and thus can boost your social media presence.

Build trust

Speaking of credibility, businesses cannot run if they do not build trust with customers. One of the powerful ways to gain trust on social media is through customer service.

If a follower is reaching out to you to ask something regarding your product,

Or if someone raises a complaint in the comment section, respond to them as quickly as possible.

Let them know that taking care of their problem is your top priority.

Another way to build trust is to collect product reviews from your previous customers and post them on your social media platforms.

Reading personalized statements made by actual people will increase trust and elevate your brand reputation.

You can also collaborate with credible influencers. Customers trust influencers and the brand they promote more than Ads.

 Know what’s trending

Hoping on a trend can double, even triple, your followers count. Creating a buzz can drive your sales effortlessly. Stay on top of seasonal topics your audience finds interesting.

Lately, short-form videos have become the latest trend. Viewers skip to the next video if it lasts more than a minute. Observing the attention span of social media users, Businesses have been posting short videos that are interactive, fun, and relatable.

Explore different content ideas like memes, puzzles, and polls. Conduct contests that can bring user-generated content.

Keep track of the latest updates of these platforms that can give you an opportunity to experiment and connect with a wide range of audiences. But always consider whether it affects your brand personality and tone.


Social media can provide information on your audience, collect analytical data to make realistic business decisions, and helps you improve the products and services you provide based on the likes of your prospective customers through quality engagement.

Remember that your first few loyal followers will be your brand advocates who will spread the word about your business. They will keep coming back to you to buy your products and build a strong relationship with you.

Invest your time in nurturing your audience. When you concentrate on building relationships instead of followers, you will achieve your marketing goal in no time. You can follow the ways mentioned in the blog above to boost your social media presence and follow Pentra SEO Services blog for more ways to improve your social media.

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