How to Find LSI Keywords: Quick Guide

If you’re reading this “how to find LSI keywords” blog, it’s clearly evident that you’re into digital marketing or you’re a copywriter who is looking forward to scaling your technical knowledge. Either way, this blog is all you’re going to need!

LSI keywords have been playing a crucial factor when it comes to search engine optimization and they do mean a lot to your content. In this article, we’ll be looking at,

  • What LSI keywords are
  • What LSI Keywords in SEO mean and
  • How to find LSI keywords

That said, let’s get started with the article.

What are LSI Keywords?

LSI keywords (latent semantic indexing) are words and phrases that are relevant to a webpage’s primary keyword – it could be a blog or a landing page. LSI keywords help bring more relevancy to your webpage and this directly influences the ranking factor.

To help you understand better, here’s an example. Say if your primary keyword is “personal loan”, the latent semantic indexing keywords would be

  • Personal loan eligibility
  • Personal loan app
  • Personal loan calculator and more.

You understand how these LSI keywords bring more relevancy and perspective into the picture, right?

Now that we know what LSI keywords are, let’s look at what LSI keywords in SEO mean.

What LSI Keywords in SEO Mean?

Google has been stressing enough the importance of LSI keywords since 2015 and now, Google is all about delivering relevant search results to the users.

Earlier, all you had to do is find a primary keyword for the webpage, insert it a couple of times within the content or content marketing and you’re good to go. Eventually, keyword stuffing and black hat SEO practices made Google set the bar high.

Now, it’s not just enough if you use the primary keyword alone. You have to include LSI keywords to increase the relevancy of the webpage.

Simply said, LSI has become an important part of Professional SEO Services and it’s high time you start implementing this into your strategy if you haven’t already.

So, that’s pretty much the basics. Let’s get to the part you’ll know how to find LSI keywords.

How to Find LSI Keywords – 5 Effective Methods

In this section, we’ll be looking at the ways to find LSO keywords for your webpage – organic methods and some with the usage of tools.

1. Google Autocomplete

The first and foremost method of finding LSI keywords is the Google Autocomplete method.

The only thing you need to be doing is type in your focus keywords into the Google search bar. You’ll automatically get a couple of Google autocomplete suggestions. You can choose the ones that are most relevant for your webpage and start embedding them into your content copy.

Here’s an example for the keyword potato salad,

Google Autocomplete

When we type in the keyword “potato salad”, we get a lot of LSI keyword suggestions as shown in the image. You can simply pick the most relevant ones and use them for your content.

That’s one method how you find LSI keywords.

2. Google’s Related Searches

This is another method to find LSI keywords and the process is quick, simple and effective.

Here’s how it works,

  1. Type in your focus keyword in the search bar and complete the search.
  2. Head to the footer section of the search page and you’ll find a section with a couple of keyword suggestions.
  3. Choose the latent semantic index keywords you find relevant and incorporate them within your content copy.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it is.

Here’s an example where we explain this (with a real-time example?).

In this blog, our focus keyword is “how to find LSI keywords”. Let’s take the same for the example as well,

Google’s Related Searches

When we searched using the term “how to find LSI keywords”, the above were the search results and we’ve consistently included the most relevant ones in this article. Speaking of which, we’ll look at how to use LSI keywords in a separate article.

So, that’s the second method to find LSI keywords.

3. The People Also Ask Goldmine

This is one of the methods you should never overlook. As we said, Google is all about relevancy today and “people also ask” is something you should be going for. It is nothing but the questions audiences might be asking around.

Let’s look at the people also ask questions for potato salad.

The People Also Ask

Bringing these questions into your content in the form of subheadings or frequently asked questions can increase relevancy and help you rank better.

4. Keywords Everywhere

This is one of our favorite tools at Pentra SEO consultants. Keywords Everywhere is a Google Chrome extension that brings you everything you need in one place – related keywords, people also ask, long-tail keywords and trending keywords.

The extension could come in handy when you are writing blogs.

Keyword Everywhere

All you have to do is enable the extension on your web browser and every time you search for something, you get relevant results displayed on your screen.

5. LSI Graph

LSI Graph is a dedicated LSI keyword generator and the tool already has a huge user base.

LSI Graph

The platform is pretty simple to use. You have to enter the primary keyword in the space provided and you’ll immediately be displayed results.

Here’s what we got when we searched for potato salad,


You get in-depth information like search volume, keyword difficulty, trend graph, CPC and more.

Apart from this, you can also use tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs to find LSI keywords. So, those are the steps that will help you with the question of how to find LSI keywords.

The Bottom Line

LSI keywords in SEO have become a crucial factor for relevancy and including them in your content is the only way to appear on the top search results.

Now that you know how to find LSI keywords and a couple of tool suggestions as well, why wait?

Start finding LSI keywords for your website like a PRO! Also, hit the comments section if you have any questions.



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