Are Google’s Zero Click Searches a Warning Sign for SEO?

Zero Click Searches

When it comes to Google search, there is only one thing consistent with “the fact that it is always changing.” But another thing can be considered a game changer, i.e.,Zero Click Searches.

The number of zero lick searches appearing in search results has increased over the past few years. You don’t have to browse through 10 different website results that you have to click on to look for an answer. Without even clicking on any of the SERP results, you can have the answers to many of your queries.

Now let’s understand what zero click searches are.

What is Zero Click Searches?

Zero slick searches refer to a search engine results page (SERP) that displays the answer to a query right at the top of the page. It eliminates the need to make additional clicks on the website links to finish the search. A search that satisfies the search intent at the top of the SERP is known as a “zero click search or position zero.”

Around 50 percent of the searches on google end up without clicking on a single link on an organic search result.

Some popular zero click searches type that makes it possible to find answers without clicking on search results are:-

  • Featured Snippets
  • “People also ask” box
  • Instant answers
  • Knowledge panels

Now let’s understand zero click searches better with the help of some examples:-

Go to Google Chrome and search.

  • What is the time
  • Why is sky blue
  • Height of the Statue of Liberty
  • Capital of America
  • 10 USD in Rupee

The results on the top of the page are zero click searches. You can view the results, but you don’t need to click on any of them to find the solution to your question!

Let’s get into some real statistics.

Statistics on Zero Click Searches

The latest survey reveals the following user behavior statistics on zero click searches:

  • Around 51% of users believe that zero click queries provide quick and relevant answers in no time.
  • Zero click searches are accurate, according to about 47% of users.
  • According to a survey of users, 51% think that zero click search results will make it simpler for them to find information on Google.
  • Zero click searches are more frequent on mobile devices, with a 77.22 percent rate.

SEO and Zero Click Searches

The average attention span of a person while browsing is 8 seconds, so clearly, Zero search results are helpful for users, but what about

the website owners who want a lot of traffic and clicks? Regarding zero click searches, the SEO community divides into two parts.

  1.     Some believe they lose their organic traffic to Google with zero search clicks. If a user got answers at the top, why would they click on any other link in the SERP?
  2.     Others think that features on search engine results pages (SERPs) help them make money from traffic through advertisements or direct conversions like booking hotels and flights, for example.

Google constantly innovates, updates, and offers users the quickest and simplest solutions to their search-related issues.

To keep users from stopping using the Google search engine for as long as possible, Google appears to be making it as simple, satisfying, and consistent as possible. And with zero-click searches, Google achieved the goal.

The increase in Google zero-click searches impacts your SEO strategy. However, we’ll review everything you should do to perform SEO for zero click searches!

SEO tips for Zero Click Searches

In 2021, zero-click searches accounted for above 65% of all searches.

But it doesn’t mean that if you make content and do SEO for your website, it’s like losing meaningful traffic to your website due to zero click searches. Due to zero click searches, Wikipedia, a kind of search engine, has seen a 21% decline in website traffic. Optimizing your website accordingly can help your website rank in SERP features.

Featured snippets are the only option. Google’s automatic systems decide if a page would be a good featured snippet to highlight for a particular search request. Ensure your website’s content is properly optimized so that it shows up in the featured snippet.

You can consider the advantages of zero-click searches, as the featured snippet gives you a chance to steal traffic from your competitors’ websites. Zero-click searches allow you to establish sociability and dependability among visitors if you effectively optimize your content and show up in the featured snippet.

Different types of snippets are:-

  • Paragraph Snippet- It frequently appears in questions like “how,” “what,” and “why,” among other question-based queries.
  • List Snippet- The search results are displayed as either numbered lists or bullet lists in this featured snippet.
  • Table Snippet- In this type of featured snippet, search results are displayed in a table format. These featured snippets present search results in a table format.
  • Video Snippet- Search results are presented as videos in this type of featured snippet.
  • Image Snippet- Search results that appear in image format are included in this type of featured snippet.

How to make a good feature snippet for Zero Click Searches

  1.   The simplest way to create a great feature snippet for zero click search is to add Frequently asked questions on your web pages.
  2.   Keep the answers or content concise and easy to understand. The best word count for feature snippets is 40-50 words.
  3.   Breaking your content into small pieces like Short paragraphs, lists, tables, and headings(H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6) will help your content (website) appear in zero click searches.
  4.   Using high-quality icons, images, and videos with meaningful text can become a great part of your overall SEO strategy and zero click searches.


Zero click searches can give you amazing results. If your website consistently answers relevant search queries, your website will become more trusted and noticeable. Hence it will surely add value to your business strategy, and if you want to attract the right audience to your business hire professional SEO services agency.

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Zero is not always bad so do Zero Click Searches. 


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