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10 Best Social Media Chrome Extension in 2024

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When setting up a small business, you must be the jack of all trades, even when building your brand on social media.

To ensure that your overall business runs parallel to achieving your social media goals without affecting any other aspects of your business, you need to develop a social media strategy.

A perfect social media strategy includes building brand awareness, engagement, and lead generation. These are the main components, but a lot goes behind them.

It gets overwhelming, from setting up your business profiles to posting and engaging with your audience regularly and keeping up with ever-changing social media trends.

Fortunately, to make your unmanageable workload manageable, start utilizing social media chrome extensions or hire a social media marketing services agency that can handle end-to-end social media operations for the business.

Chrome store offers numerous social media extensions that can assist you with content creation, research, management, scheduling, analyzing, and so much more for your social media.

Here are your ten must-have social media chrome extensions for the smoothest social media journey.

Evernote web clipper

Let’s face it. Creating content is challenging.

It takes up an extensive amount of research and your precious time and ends up causing burnout.

That’s where this social media chrome extensions comes in handy.

Evernote web clipper is your all-in-one content ideas swipe file.

Capture your inspiration that occurs in the most undecided moments of your content research process and save it through the Evernote web clipper.

Categorize your captures in the notebooks so that you can go back and refer to them whenever you want.


Grammarly is the real-time writing assistance that follows you wherever you write online. Whether it’s about writing a caption to your Instagram post or a long thread on Twitter, Grammarly ensures that your sentences are grammatically correct, spell-checked, and use the appropriate punctuation.

Adding Grammarly to your chrome makes it easy for people who are not professionally well versed with writing. You can just dump your thoughts on a google doc, and Grammarly will transform your ramble into a message that is communicated with clarity.

While these features are in the free version of Grammarly, you can avail yourself more by unlocking the ‘premium’ version that elevates your writing to the next level.

Grammarly premium version features include tone adjustments, vocabulary improvements, fluency suggestions, and some advanced suggestions.

So, if you want to start writing like a wordsmith in a day, install the Grammarly chrome extension today.


Loom is the new video networking tool that saves you time writing long emails. It allows you to simultaneously record the video of your face and your device screen.

Although the primary purpose of Loom is to cut down hour-long meetings, you can also use it for a sales pitch.

Let’s say you are a B2B brand looking for prospects and want to outreach on Linkedin; you can pitch your product or service via Loom, recording a short demo of your product.

Simply click start and record your device screen with your face bubble explaining your product. After you end the recording, a link is automatically generated for you to share with your prospects on LinkedIn and other social networks.

You are packing it with human elements by pitching through video, which long email pitches lack. Video pitches increase trust instantly and are memorable since they will find your way of pitching unique among the bulk text emails they receive daily.

Social Analyzer

You know what they say about ‘capturing readers’ hearts and minds with words; you can achieve that with this fantastic tool.

Social Analyzer can help you communicate with your audience better by collecting sentimental data like public opinions, likes, and dislikes on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

This data can help you evaluate the buyer’s persona, improve products and customer service, and create quality content relevant to your audience by tapping into their emotions.

You can also monitor keywords in different platforms to analyze which topics are trending popularly.


Momentum is a personalized dashboard designed to help you stay on top of your daily social media tasks. Every time you open a tab, you will be feasting your eyes on beautiful photos and inspiring messages to set your day off right.

Add your main focus for the day, divide your tasks in the to-do list feature provided by the tool, and complete your work ahead of time. A ‘Links’ feature comes in handy whenever you want to access your favorite websites or apps in a jiffy.

With Momentum’s ‘plus’ version, you can track your progress with the Metrics feature and Pomodoro timer.


Wondering what hashtags to put up on your socials? Finding the right set of hashtags can be crucial since they are one of the main components of brand awareness.

RiteTag pulls up a list of hashtags suggestions when you right-click ‘Generate Hashtags’ on an image or text.

The social media chrome extension shows which hashtags are trending and which are not by indicating them in different colors, Green, blue, red, and gray. While the ‘Green’ indicates trending hashtags, the gray one indicates not to use.

The best part is this tool gets automatically integrated into your social media platforms as soon as you install it.

What are you waiting for?

Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy is the perfect tool if you are looking to promote your business on YouTube.

Since YouTube, the second best search engine, can exponentially increase your brand awareness, Tube Buddy will be your growth tool to execute YouTube SEO optimization and channel management.

YouTube tags are the top ranking factors to quickly get more subscribers to your YouTube channel. This social media chrome extension will suggest high score tags to achieve that.

Tube Buddy also allows you to A/B test titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails best suited for your video. With its easy-to-use dashboard, you can expect your YouTube channel to proliferate.


It is a social media management tool that allows you to schedule posts, engage with your audience, and keep you on track with your social media goals. Add your social media channels like Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and even Google Business profiles to buffer and start scheduling your posts.

Having a social content calendar with quality content can help you maintain consistency. With the Buffer browser extension, you can quickly add any image or text you find online and add it to your scheduler.

Once you use this social media chrome extension, you will also be able to manage¬† local SEO with scheduling posts for Google Business Profiles. It’s a time saver.


LastPass is a password safe keeper to your social media accounts.

The last thing you would want to occur on social media is online phishers attacking your social media accounts to cause harm to your brand reputation, get hold of intellectual property and disrupt your business altogether.

LastPass uses military-grade encryption to secure all your passwords and data.

With the Lastpass chrome extension, you can create passwords with multifactor authentication to handle secure social media accounts.

You can also store sensitive payment details in a password vault synced to your mobile devices and browsers.

If you were to hire a social media manager in the future, you can create an encrypted master password for all your social accounts and hand it over at ease.


Bitly chrome extensions can shorten long URLs to make them more manageable and sharable. Since 80% of social media users use mobiles, URL shorteners have become a necessary tool to make sharing content more accessible.

The features of Bitly doesn’t limit to that. You can track the number of clicks with the UTM tracker feature that can help you measure your performance. Get precise data about conversions and traffic, and analyze which strategy works best to improve your social media performance.


With the right social media chrome extensions at your disposal, you can maximize the impact of your social media strategies. Start using the above tools to bring you the success you seek in your business.


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